ITEM #:  00120

SIZE: W 3.5 x L 9.5 x HT 10.8 cm.

A series of horizontal stacking rod toys consists of Waves, Currents, and Tides. The toys were inspired by different movement of water in the oceans. Tide is simple straight lines representing the rise and fall of sea levels, influenced by the alignment of the Sun and Moon. Current is zigzag lines representing the continuous movement of seawater. The sharp turns and angles characterize the nature of current that flow in great distances from one direction to another, interacting with another currents. Wave is wavy line representing the ocean waves result from the wind blowing over an area of fluid surface. Without having to understand the meanings behind the names, children can enjoy creating different height of waves, currents, and tide, on the rods as well as creating other combinations on the table.