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Another puzzle inspires by the natural tactilities of the earth. A slap of organic surface is sliced into 12 square tiles that can be played as puzzle or fun open-ended arrangements. For puzzle play, players are challenged to matched the continuous organic planes of each tile into the rectangular board. For open-ended play, children can creatively arrange the colorful tiles into different configuration on or off the table.

◎ Sense of Sight
Have different shapes and forms which allow children to explore their environment through sights and movement.  

◎ Sense of Touch
Allow children to discover and explore their environment through their senses with different textures.

◎ Problem Solving
Become expert problem solvers and want to understand how the world works around them through puzzles and simple games.

SIZE:  W 5 3/4” x L 7 1/4” x HT 1 3/4” (14.5 x 18.5 x 4 cm.)
AGES:   12 Months+

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