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These path finding toys offer different levels of stimulation in hand movements and control. Children move the pieces along the given paths to discover the concept of gravity by seeing the pieces fall or slide down the rails. As the paths get more complex, children will build their patience and concentration in trying to conquer the maze. The discovery themes of these mazes help encourage imagination and promote a sense of curiosity in science and nature.

◎ Fine Motor
Strengthen hand muscles and promote fine motor skills by handling toys with intriguing forms and functions. 

◎ Coordination
Promote fine motor skills and the coordination of muscles and nerves to produce small movements in precise ways.

◎ Discovery
Encourage children to go out to explore the world around them and be aware of and engaged with their environment. 


SIZE:  W 16” x L 16” x HT 14” ( 40 x 40 x 35.5 cm.)
AGES:  18 Months+

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