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This tray puzzle is inspired by organic shapes and forms in the nature. Outline of the pieces can also be found on the bottom of the board for an easier start. After multiple games, children can try to put the free-form pieces back together into the complete rectangular shape on their own. The game is designed to be visually pleasing and enjoyable for both the children and grownup.

◎ Sense of Sight
Have different shapes and forms which allow children to explore their environment through sights and movement.  

◎ Sense of Touch
Allow children to discover and explore their environment through their senses with different textures.

◎ Problem Soluing
Become expert problem solvers and want to understand how the world works around them through puzzles and simple games.


SIZE:  W 5 3/4” x L 7 1/4” x HT 2” (14.5 x 18.5 x 5 cm.)
AGES:   12 Months+

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