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Pile the blocks every which way and see how tall is the stack before they come falling down. Featuring 5 revolved blocks of different sizes and weight, this vibrant pattern stacker offers children to tactile and sorting the shapes, and to sorting and stacking. Stacking up the blocks develop balance and coordination skills.

◎ Fine Motor
Strengthen hand muscles and promote fine motor skills by handling toys with intriguing forms and functions. 

◎ Coordination
Promote fine motor skills and the coordination of muscles and nerves to produce small movements in precise ways.

◎ Constructive
Strengthen spatial vision and introduce the principles of physics by building with endless possibilities.


SIZE:  W 3 1/4” x L 3 1/4 ” x HT 12 1/2 ” (8 x 8 x 31.5 cm.)
AGES:  18 Months+

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